Logistics Solutions

Spire Group Limited is developing a network of refrigerated warehouses through its subsidiary companies, Everest Cold Storage and Everest Kool Solutions. In Canada, Everest Cold Storage has constructed a facility in Montreal with plans to construct and aquire temperature-controlled facilities throughout North America.  Everest Kool Solutions is aggressively developing joint venture relationships in India, Australia and New Zealand to construct temperature-controlled facilities. Everest Kool had a 3-year contract to build and operate facilities in the Republic of Georgia.

The Spire Group team has many years of expertise and experience in the construction and management of PRW facilities who can strategically develop distribution facilities tailored to meet customers’ specific supply chain needs. Spire offers third party logistics solutions by selecting the right location for its customer. Once the site has passed all criteria, Spire works with its technology partners and the customer on the facility design and project development. Through our technology partners we oversee the construction of the facility and on opening day we have the expertise to manage the facility to let the customer focus on their business.