Site Selection

Spire Group Limited assists customers in choosing the most strategic location for their distribution facilities. There are many issues to consider when making this decision.

Dimensions – Ideally the site should be about 5 hectares in size with a shape that is as regular and rectangular as possible.

Zoning – Confirmation in writing that the land is zoned for an industrial storage facility.

Geotechnical – Tests/reports complete with environmental assessment need to be carried out by our engineers before the acquisition of the site.

Electricity – Electrical power should be available at or adjacent to the site. Approximately 5000 KVA power supply required.

Water Supply – Access to water is necessary. Maximum pipe size would be 30 cm with water pressure at approximately 700 kPa if sprinklers are required.

Sanitary Sewer – It would be preferred that sanitary sewers be available on municipal property adjacent to the site. If not, a septic system is acceptable.

Storm Water Disposal – Freezer warehouses must have storm water conducted away from the building and off the site as quickly and directly as possible. The availability of a storm sewer or the ability to construct a system that carries away water is needed.

Survey – A land survey must be conducted, and expressed in the form of a legal survey drawing and with corners clearly and solidly established in the field.