Advanced Technologies

Spire Group Limited has invested in AFS WMS a full-featured Microsoft Windows® based Warehouse Management System (“WMS”) developed by Motek®. By using radio frequency mobile computers as true intelligent clients rather than dumb terminals, Priya can support anywhere from 10 to 500 concurrent users, making it the most scaleable and cost-effective WMS available. AFS WMS includes directed putaway, directed replenishment, task interleaving, management reporting, voice picking, RF support for all functions and the additional features and functions to support third-party warehousing.

Spire Group Limited is working with its technology partner to create the next generation distribution centre

  • Computer Warehouse Management System (WMS) Directing A High Volume Automated Storage & Retrieval System
  • Computer Directed Work Environment With Interleaved Tasks For Associates Via Windows based Radio Frequency Terminals
  • Barcoded Pallet ID System With RFID Capability
  • Integrated WMS/TMS